Everdex-y- Yellow Dextrin

Everdex-y- Yellow Dextrin
Everdex-y- Yellow Dextrin

EVERDEX-Y is Yellow dextrin.

EVERDEX-Y Yellow Dextrin is useful in foundries, refractory, adhesive in corrugated boxes, dyes, inks, fire cracker / Sparklers industries, paper and textile tubes/cones, Herbal / Vegetable Extractions, Tanning Industries (Leather Tanning).

EVERDEX-Y Yellow Dextrin produces high solid pastes that are very tacky dry rapidly.

EVERDEX-Y Yellow Dextrin is light yellow to dark Yellow powder with more than 90% soluble in cold water.

Extra care is taken while producing EVERDEX-Y Yellow Dextrin to reduce the ash contents to minimum level.