Everoxi- Oxidised Starch

Everoxi- Oxidised Starch
Everoxi- Oxidised Starch

EVEROXI is a modified starch (Oxidized starch) used for surface sizing operation during manufacturing of paper/board.

The use of EVEROXI- Oxidised Starch in size solutions of high solids is to seal pores, tie down loose surface, fibers, improve surface strength and to provide hold out printing inks.

A higher concentration of EVEROXI- Oxidised Starch than acid thinned starches can be used for better finish of printing paper.

Solutions of EVEROXI- Oxidised Starch are clearer than those of  acid thinned starches  and have less setback

EVEROXI- Oxidised Starch has good paste stability, clarity and reduced tendency to retrograde. EVEROXI- Oxidised Starch has lower pasting temperature. EVEROXI- Oxidised Starch provides tough, clear and flexible films.

Pastes of EVEROXI- Oxidised Starch are more stable to salts and hard water  than pastes of cationic or other anionic starches.

EVEROXI- Oxidised Starch is available in various range of Viscocity as per customer’s requirement.


  • Good film forming character.
  • Improves short fiber bonding.
  • Increase strength and improve quality.
  • Improves internal strength.

Oxidized Starch is most commonly used in surface sizing of paper & have excellent film-forming properties and its use can improve the strength and printability of paper. In addition, the oxidized starch has also been widely used in industries such as textile, laundry finishing, etc.