Native Maize Starch /Corn Starch for Textile Industry

Maize Starch / Corn Starch is used in textile industries to provide stiffness & to add weight to cloths. Starch is also used in conjunction with thermoplastic or thermosetting resins to obtain a permanent finish in Textile Industry.


Everest High Viscosity Starch is perfect for textile applications.


EVEREST STARCH Products are widely used in the sizing of yarns and finishing of cotton and polyester fabrics


In Textiles,Everdex Dextrins are used For finishing (crisp organdy) as well as for sizing.
Everstar- Native Maize Starch /Corn Starch For Textile Industry
Modified Starches For Textile Industries
Evertex- Modified Maize Starch /Corn Starch -For Wrap Sizing, Back Filing &Printing
Evertex Tbs- Thinboilng Starch
Everfied 10– Textile Sizing Starch
Evercat – Cationic Starch, Acid Modified Corn Starch
Everjet – Modified Starch For Yarn Sizing
Evertex- Modified Starch For Transfer Printing / Digital Garment Printing
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