Native Maize Starch/Corn Starch For Paper Making

“EVERSTAR” is Native Maize Starch normally known as Unmodified Corn Starch Powder.


Many of our corn starch products start with a variety of particular properties (plus variants produced through chemical and/or physical modifications). Your optimal starch is selected according to application and specific qualities desired, such as viscosity, binding, tackiness, flow and film-forming properties, using Native Starch or modified products characteristics.


EVEREST STARCH provides top performance starches that exhibit increased internal and surface strength for improved printing quality and paper stiffness.

Key Features

  • Corn Starch contains very low Protein & low Ash content.
  • Maize Starch is transformed into a very smooth paste within an hour.
  • The foaming is usually associated with high pH so it is not necessary to add any antifoaming agent because pH of Maize Starch is always maintained in neutral range.
  • In addition to this Starch the starch is easily dispersal in hydrophilic media when the product is immersed in.

Everstar- Native Maize Starch/Corn Starch For Paper Making
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