Modified Starches for Textile Industries

Modified Starch is used as a significant component to develop textile capability (strength, elasticity and surface strength)reduce friction in the weaving process and improve the feel and appearance of fabric. In addition modified starch derivatives are excellent for yarn coating as ironing starch using in laundry industry. Various types with specific functional properties of our quality products produced for these purposes.
The starch has a important role in three stages of production of textiles : mixing, printing and finishing.


Mixing : Starch is applied as sizing agents to stiffen and protect the thread for improved weaving efficiency. It is also used as finished agents to obtain smooth fabrics and color thickeners to obtain sharp and durable printed fabrics.


Printing : Starch is used in printing more even and preventing the contamination while printing.


Finishing: The starch is applied in different proportion for cotton,for Rayon & Synthetic cloth to make the cloth glossy and permanent.
Everstar- Native Maize Starch /Corn Starch For Textile Industry
Modified Starches For Textile Industries
Evertex- Modified Maize Starch /Corn Starch -For Wrap Sizing, Back Filing &Printing
Evertex Tbs- Thinboilng Starch
Everfied 10– Textile Sizing Starch
Evercat – Cationic Starch, Acid Modified Corn Starch
Everjet – Modified Starch For Yarn Sizing
Evertex- Modified Starch For Transfer Printing / Digital Garment Printing
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