Surphase sizing Treatment

Our Everfied Modified Starch products and associated technologies are a new generation of performance additives for demanding wet end systems where efficiency, flexibility, Film, Strength, Elongation and most importantly cost of manufacture, are critically important.

Key Features

  • Everfied-Esterified corn starches’ film-forming qualities make them ideal for size press coating and calendar sizing. They form continuous films that stay on substrate surfaces and have more transparency and flexibility and fewer tendencies to shrink, crack or crease.
  • Surface sizing of paper refers to the application of starch by means of a size press or film press. With increased speeds and energy saving requirements demanding higher application solids, this basic technology has developed into a sophisticated and demanding application.
  • Precise run ability and excellent paper strength are a must for a successful starch in this field of application.

Everstar- Native Maize Starch/Corn Starch For Paper Making
Everspray-Spray Starch
Everoxi – Oxidized Starches For Size Press Treatment
Everfied – Modified Starch For Surphase Sizing Treatment
Evercoat- Modified Starch For Surphase Coating
Evercat Cationic Starches
Everteric – Modified Starch
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