Maize Germs (Corn Germ)

Maize Germ is extracted from NON GMO Corn (Maize).Maize Germ generally known as Corn Germ , is the primary product for making corn oil and one of the important ingredients of animal fodder.


Germ is one of the ingredients of the maize which is separated in Maize crushing process. Corm Germ is the endosperm of Maize grain; it is a yellow colored seed, pleasantly nutty in taste and rich in oil. It is mainly used for extraction of maize oil and manufacturing of feed supplement. Maize germ is a high energy, very palatable and digestible feed offering a good source of ‘slow release’ starch. With its less fat content, it reduces the level of coronary diseases.


Corn Germ binds the oil to the fibre component in animal feed, preventing the oil from leaching out of the feed pellet.The germ oil contains unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic 56%, oleic 30%, linolenic 0.7%) and 14% of saturated fatty acids.Its protein part includes about 37% globulins, 51% glutelin, 5% zein, and 7% of non-soluble oils.


Maize germ also carries a wide range of amino acids and is rich in vitamin Е (tocopherol), beta-sitostiron and phytin.Maize Germs that we supply are used in oil mills to extract oil; Germs usually have about 45% to 50% of oil content with low cholesterol level.After the extraction of the corn oil from the germ, the residue is used in corn germ meal as animal feed primarily for pigs and poultry as it increases the productiveness in animals


Parameters Content
Oil content 45% min
Moisture 8 %max
Fiber 7 % max.
FFA 3% ( max)

Nutritional Benefits

High in starch, energy and protein

Applications in Edible Corn Oil Extraction 

It is widely used for Oil Extraction IndustryTo produce Corn Oil and Corn Oil Cake

Maize Germs Applications in Animal Feed Industries

Ruminants / Cattle Feed

Highly productive ruminants need high quality energy and protein. Corn Germ contains natural bypass oil, helping improve milk yields in high yielding dairy cattle.



Poultry feed needs a high energy content. Adding sufficient fats and oils isn’t always that simple. Corn Germ is an easy way to add naturally-bound oil to your poultry’s feed.



Corn Germ can be used in pig feed as a source of vegetable oil and unsaturated fatty acids, with the goodness of natural corn fibre. CORNGERM™ Corn Germ is an easy way to add oil to your feed.



Corn Germ is used in pet food as a source of vegetable oil and unsaturated fatty acids, with the goodness of natural corn fibre. Our animal feed can help add naturally-bound oil to your pet food.

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Maize Germs (Corn Germ)
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