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Maize fibre (corn fiber) is rich in starch and easily digestible structural carbohydrates. Maize fibre is used for ruminant feed(Cattle Feed), pig feed (Piglet Fattening diet) and sow feed.Maize fibre has a high content of cell wall carbohydrates, that are readily fermentable.

Typical Specifications

  • Moisture: 12.5%
  • Total protein: 10%
  • Total fat: 4.5%
  • Starch: 20-25%
  • Cellulose: 12%

Pig Feed

Corn fiber is greatly appreciated in pig diets for its caloric value (rich in starch and highly digestible fibre fraction) and its low ash content.

Ruminant Feed (Cattle Feed)

Maize Fibre is used as an energy source in ruminant feedIn ruminant diets, is a highly palatable raw material allowing incorporation in feed at levels upwards of 50%.It is the ideal complement to grazed grass maize silage or hay and promotes a good liquid absorption.


Groundnut De oiled Cake / Groundnut DOC Meal / Peanut De oiled Cake


Common Names: Peanut meal, peanut cake, peanut oil meal, peanut oil cake, groundnut cake, groundnut oil meal, groundnut oil cake ,Solvent-extracted peanut meal, deoiled peanut meal, solvent-extracted groundnut meal, deoiled groundnut meal,Expeller peanut meal, expeller groundnut meal,GN DOC, Peanut Oil Meal



EVEREST is manufacturer,/supplier and exporter of De-oiled cakes/ meal of Groundnut/Peanut. We are one of the largest producers of De-oiled cake.

Peanut Meal Extraction is a very healthy protein for feed industry.This type of Groundnut/Peanut De-oiled cake in is especially useful for feeding the direct form to fish,Cattle,Piglet and poultryGroundnut Cake contains the right amount of energy, fat, protein&fiber.




Parameters Content
Protein content 40 / 45% min
Moisture 10%max
Oil content 0.5-1% max.
Sand and Silica 2.5% ( max)
Fiber 10 %


Corn Gluten
Maize Fibers
Maize Germs (Corn Germ)
Groundnut Nut De oiled Cake
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