Gypsoplast – Modified Starch For Gypsum Board

Acid modified starches and propylated starches are used in a variety of gypsum and ceiling tile applications.


Gypsoplast Modified Starch range is cost-effective binders and extenders.


Everest Starch’s modified starches are wet-milled, dent corn-based products which are highly refined .


As this range of modified starch is produced at wet end ,the products give uniform viscosity and alkaline fluidity.

Application: For Putty

EVERDEX modified Starch series is widely used in wall putty and construction chemicals.


EVERDEX starches are soluble in cold water .


These modified starches give great strength, binding power and also works as a filler.


EVERDEX range of Modified Starches are used for fast drying.

Gypsoplast – Modified Starch For Gypsum Board
Everdex –Dextrin Modified Starch Range
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