Thin boiling starch is widely popular in the Denim as well as Terry Towel industries.


Thin boiling starch has low and uniform viscosity, which does not change much with temperature unlike native starches which show wide variation in viscosity.


The keeping qualities of the native starch also show a marked variation, i.e. considerable degradation occurs on boiling.


Thin boiling starch non-congealing characteristic, transparency of paste and lower viscosity ensure easy working, compared to thick boiling starches. Unlike gum and glues which require soaking.
In Textile finishing, Thin boiling starch are preferred for a light finish when very little filling is required to give body to the cloth.Extruded and fried snack products: Its film-forming properties help produce a crisp while preventing excessive penetration of cooking oils.
Everstar- Native Maize Starch /Corn Starch For Textile Industry
Modified Starches For Textile Industries
Evertex- Modified Maize Starch /Corn Starch -For Wrap Sizing, Back Filing &Printing
Evertex Tbs- Thinboilng Starch
Everfied 10– Textile Sizing Starch
Evercat – Cationic Starch, Acid Modified Corn Starch
Everjet – Modified Starch For Yarn Sizing
Evertex- Modified Starch For Transfer Printing / Digital Garment Printing
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