EVERTEX- Modified Starch for Transfer Printing / DIGITAL Garment PRINTING





Starch products can be used as thickener for dye pastes and also to increase the brilliance and ensure sharper contours in Textile Printing (Transfer Printing). EVEREST starch products for fabrics and knitwear made of cotton, viscose, manmade and mixed weaves.


EVEREST STARCH has also developed innovative starch for liquid ironing and other glass-fiber coated products.

Evertex Application In Digital Inkjet Printing 

DIGITAL INKJET PRINTING is having a major impact on the processes of textile printing and is on the way to transform this industry. It allows for single pieces as well as mediumquantity. In conventional analog screen printing modified starch ethers are used directly in the printing paste to obtain contour sharpness together with color brilliance


DIGITAL INKJET PRINTING has transferred these requirements towards the obligatory preparation of the substrate. EVEREST STARCH offers textile modified starches as anti-migrant to prevent bleeding to be used in the preparation of textile substrates as alternative to alginates.
Everstar- Native Maize Starch /Corn Starch For Textile Industry
Modified Starches For Textile Industries
Evertex- Modified Maize Starch /Corn Starch -For Wrap Sizing, Back Filing &Printing
Evertex Tbs- Thinboilng Starch
Everfied 10– Textile Sizing Starch
Evercat – Cationic Starch, Acid Modified Corn Starch
Everjet – Modified Starch For Yarn Sizing
Evertex- Modified Starch For Transfer Printing / Digital Garment Printing
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