Food GradeLow Viscosity Modified Starches

The low hot paste viscosity of EVEREST STARCH’s thinned modified starches allows high solid confectionery products to be easily deposited.


Thinned starches can be cooked with sweeteners and water to a low moisture content without becoming too viscous.


The gel-forming, setting and textural properties of thinned starches and consequently the selection of the right starch type are very important for confectionery manufacturers.


EVERTEX Food Grade starches are modified starches. They are used to provide texture ,as a thickener or Gelling Agent in confectionery.
EVERTEX starches are Modified starches with a variety of possible types and levels of modification / fluidification. They are used to provide texture in a wide range of confectionery applications. Easy to use, these starches are suitable for the production of gums, wine gums and pastilles.


These starches are suitable for production of gums, pastilles and wine gums without or with a reduced stoving.
Everstar – Food Grade Corn Starch/ Food Grade Maize Starch
Everbind – Batter Starch
Everstar Starch For Confectionery Moulding
Everdex- Food Grade Dextrin
Evertex- Food Grade Low Viscosity Modified Starches
Everfied – Food Grade Cook Up Starch
Emulsifying Starch
White Corn Starch Low Moisture
Food Grade Modified Starches
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