EVERTERIC – Amphoteric Starch is a modified starch that contains both positive and negative ion (Anioinic& Cationic) groups. It is used as wet-end additives, surface sizing agent and coating agent in the paper making. The product is equally effective in acid, neutral or alkaline papermaking.


The main use of EVERTERIC – amphoteric starch is enhancement of dry strength, improving drainage and retention.


In the paper making process several materials are anionic such as wood fibers, titanium dioxide, clay, expanders, pigment dispersant, black liquor, bleach chemicals etc, whereas some materials are cationic such as alum, poly aluminium chloride (PAC), cationic resin, some retention aids etc. So it is very significant to maintain a clean and ionically balance environment to attain efficient result, which is done by amphoteric starch.
Everest’s Amphoteric Starch series is much more than dry strength enhancer; they increase the retention, dewatering more effectively and provide the stability of paper strength away from the bad influence of improper operation.


Our Amphoteric Starch decrease the lost of starch and fiber which should be retained on the paper sheet that suits for the papermakers with a closed system.

Features of amphoteric starch  

The benefits of amphoteric starch are following; especially when alum and PAC are used in paper making process.

  • Enhances dry strength properties
  • Improve drainage which lead to better sheet formation.
  • Retention of fines and fillers
  • Better print quality
  • High retention ratio and high paper strength
  • Replace parts of native starch consumption in spray section.
  • Decrease the loss of starch into the white water to lower the cost of wastewater.

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