Everstar  Starch for confectionery Moulding

EVEREST STARCH INDIA has expanded its starch ingredient offerings with a new launch for Confectioneryapplications


The new EVEREST Confectionery Moulding Starch allows customers to create products which “accept and hold impressions,” and also allows to stabilize the print of shapes and letters of Jelly.


Moulding starch is a maize starch used for moulding in confectionery.
This special grade Muolding starch has great characteristics which allow to stabilise the print of jelly shapes


It appears as a fine white powder with neutral odour and taste.
The MOULDING Starch line is used in the moulding, depositing and drying processes of jelly candies to absorb moisture from the candy during stoving. This range of food grade corn starches is produced from maize to reduce dusting. MOULDING Starch also enhances tray printing by reducing starch adhesion to the mould and ensures that shape is retained prior to depositing.


It also helps Confectionery manufacturers in reducing holding times by decreased drying times to improve productivity and also offers.
Everstar – Food Grade Corn Starch/ Food Grade Maize Starch
Everbind – Batter Starch
Everstar Starch For Confectionery Moulding
Everdex- Food Grade Dextrin
Evertex- Food Grade Low Viscosity Modified Starches
Everfied – Food Grade Cook Up Starch
Emulsifying Starch
White Corn Starch Low Moisture
Food Grade Modified Starches
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