Zea Mays starch (Native Corn Starch / Maize Starch)

EVERSTAR –ZEA Mays Starch is used as a mineral powder alternative, it is a native corn starch.
EVERSTAR-Zea Mays Starch can be used in all application types, from dry powder to creamy texture and lotions. It brings body and consistency to your formulation, as well as a final soft touch after application.

Key Features

  • Natural alternative to mineral powders
  • Absorbent for oils & sebum
  • Soft touch and dry feel
  • Free flowing powder
  • High microbiological quality

Everpharma- Zea Mays Starch (Native Corn Starch / Maize Starch)
Everpharma Lm- Low Moisture Pharma Grade Corn Starch: (Moisture Range : 8% , 6% )
Everpharma Aso
Everdex –Pharmaceutical Grade Dextrins
Everpharma Adp
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