Everpharma Lm- Low Moisture Pharma Grade Corn Starch2

Low Moisture Pharma grade Corn Starch: (Moisture Range : 8% , 6% )

Low Moisture grade Corn Starch is a thick boiling NON GMO Maize Starch.


EVERPHARMA LM is a corn starch with an unusually low moisture content that is desirable for use with moisture sensitive ingredients and as a filler in capsule dosage forms.


It is a fine &white powder,Neutralin odour&Taste .


It will also inhibit caking of hygroscopic materials. it has a slightly higher viscosity than regular corn starch. It will have a smooth, short texture when hot and set to a firm gel upon cooling.


It has more brightness and whiteness compare to regular grade .

Low moisture grade corn starch has more free flowing characteristics than regular starch.

Everpharma- Zea Mays Starch (Native Corn Starch / Maize Starch)
Everpharma Lm- Low Moisture Pharma Grade Corn Starch: (Moisture Range : 8% , 6% )
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