Everpharma Adp

Dusting powder consists of finely powdered substances free of grittiness. They are used on normal intact skin prophylactically to reduce friction or moisture.


EVERPHARMA – ADP – Absorbent dusting powders are suitable for medical, consumer and industrial applications such as lubricating gloves and medical apparatus. EVERPHARMA – ADP – Absorbent dusting powders are free flowing.


Latex gloves and condoms have evolved over the years, but starch has remained at the EVERPHARMA – ADP – Absorbent dusting powder modified starch has replaced talcum powder in most latex gloves, making them easier to put on and remove. It provides superior donning and reduce stickiness in latex gloves and condoms.


It is used to lubricate gloves and condoms, it is highly resistant to swelling in hot water, steam and chemicals. This product can face up to most sterilization procedures without any effect because of its inherent characteristics. It is  useful in both wet and dry dusting methods.

Key Features

  • Superior donning, provides lubrication with low coat weight
  • High temperature stability
  • Superior dispersion and sedimentation resistance
  • Great microbiological control


  • Latex
  • Surgical Gloves
  • Condom
  • Absorbent Dusting Starch Powder

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Everpharma Adp
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