EVERFIED 10 is a starch-based eco-friendly yarn sizer with high adhesiveness that does not require additional binder or softener. It is compatible with other auxiliary chemicals used for various applications.


EVERFIED starch does not develop abrasive points on over drying and its flexible film gives the yarn the desired elasticity.
EVERFIED 10 binds cotton, viscose, polyester blends fibers controlling hairiness of the yarn resulting in added strength for better weavability and easy desizing.
Due to its rheological characteristics & high film forming nature it reduces use of synthetic polymers substantially in cotton yarn sizing & thereby contributes towards lower effluent load.
Everstar- Native Maize Starch /Corn Starch For Textile Industry
Modified Starches For Textile Industries
Evertex- Modified Maize Starch /Corn Starch -For Wrap Sizing, Back Filing &Printing
Evertex Tbs- Thinboilng Starch
Everfied 10– Textile Sizing Starch
Evercat – Cationic Starch, Acid Modified Corn Starch
Everjet – Modified Starch For Yarn Sizing
Evertex- Modified Starch For Transfer Printing / Digital Garment Printing
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