Modified Starch for SURPHASE COATING

EVEREST STARCH offers a range of Modified Starches for coated papers and coating colors, with a rheology ideal for today’s requirements for single and multiple coated wood-free and wood-containing papers and paperboards.


The excellent viscosity stability of Modified Starches at high solids has proven to be ideal for coated paper applications.


For coated paper and board manufacturers, the appearance and strength of the finished product are key elements.


Further benefits ofEvercoat- Modified Starches include reduction of coating color costs by decreasing the latex component in the coating formulation, energy consumption and machine downtime.
Coating color mixes consist of three basic components: pigments, binders and water. The most common natural binder is starch. Starch is an excellent binder and a natural, reliable and cost-effective latex-replacement choice.


Technological advances (including bigger and faster coating machines) require new, more cost-effective and greener coating polymers. EVEREST STARCH’s bio-polymer range of coating starches allows paper & board manufacturers to choose from a wide array of tailor-made modified starches for specific solids/viscosity levels, water retention ability and paper quality.


Everest Starch has designed the ultimate series of starches for surface application, whether it be size-press, calender stack, coater or other type of application. EVERCOATModified starches come in a range of viscosities to meet the needs of today’s demanding applications.


EVERCOATModified starches are cost-effective binders and extenders that can be, and are being, used in many diverse applications. Let GPC’s Sales and Technical Service staff assist you in formulating and running trials to maximize your performance and runability.

Sizing – The superior film strength of EVERCOATModified starches will assist you in improving the quality of your product. Typically observed are improvements in wax pick, IGT, Scott bond, printing ink holdout and oil and grease resistance..


Calender Stack –EVERCOAT-Modified starches will greatly enhance the surface properties of the paper or linerboard. The variety EVERCOATstarches allows for low solids application at the appropriate viscosity. The superior film strength of EVERCOATgives sharper printing and gluing, and improves fiber lay, smoothness, curl, gloss ink holdout and resistance to grease, oil penetration and scuffing.


Coatings – EVERCOATModified starches are perfectly compatible with all coating colors, minerals, additives and latexes. A superior coating color will result with controlled binder migration. The coated paper will exhibit better sheet gloss, print gloss, print density, pick strength and reduced dusting and linting from the superior film-forming properties of Modified starch.

Key Features

  • Ultimate for surface applications
  • Produces superior printing papers
  • Improves coating and ink holdout
  • Superior compatibility with synthetic binders
  • Advanced film former
  • Reduction of coating color costs

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