Everbind – BATTER Starch

Consumer attitudes towards tasty and convenient foods, coupled with a preference for seafood, poultry and vegetables, have given food processors the opportunity to adapt existing products by improving appearance, taste and shelf-life


Our EVERBIND Batter Starch line provides ready dispersion in water, consistent viscosity in batter, ensures uniform batter pick-up and has excellent adhesion when used in a batter or as a powder coating.
Ithas clear coating functionalities to meet the demand for versatile coatings with high crispiness and optimal structural integrity. EVERBIND modified food starch provides consistent adhesion of breadings, batters and coatings, uniform pick-up of batters, and desired crispy/crunchy texture in finished fried products.
Extruded and fried snack products: Its film-forming properties help produce a crisp while preventing excessive penetration of cooking oils.


The Everbind Batter Starch line is used in batters, breadings and coating systems to provide adhesion and add crispy texture in various food products.
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