Corn Gluten

Protein Source corn Gluten For Animal Feed CGM, Maize Gluton, Corn protein, Indian Corn Gluten Meal:-


Our Corn Gluten is Extracted from NON GMO Corn.Corn Gluten Meal is a High protein meal that consists of about 60-65% protein.Maize gluten is a particularly digestible protein source, rich in natural pigments and with a low ash content.


Corn Gluten Meal makes an excellent poultry feed and pet food ingredient. Its hi value bypass protein, energy, methionine, cysteine, High level of xanthophyll, Rich in highly digestible amino acids make it a good dairy feed.Easy to digest, with low mineral content and non–allergenic proteins, Corn Gluten Meal is ideal for use in a broad range of high quality animal feeds.


Our Corn Gluten Meal is a highly digestible and an ideal protein source in an animal feed ration.Corn gluten meal supplies vitamins, minerals, and energy in poultry feeds; pet food processors value it for its high digestibility and low residue.


It is a highly digestible protein concentrate rich in sulfur amino acids (methionine cystine) and a source of natural efficient and stable pigments.

Typical Specifications

  • Moisture: 10% max
  • Total Protein: 60% min (Dry Basis)
  • Ash: 3% max
  • Total fat: 3% max
  • Cellulose: <2%


  • Corn gluten is used in the feeding of Ruminant animals (Cattle Feed )
  • Corn gluten is used in the feeding of Poultry
  • Corn gluten is used in the feeding of Pigs
  • Corn gluten is used in the feeding of Fish
  • Corn gluten is used in the feeding of Pets (dogs, cats)

Ruminant Feed

Corn gluten contains proteins that are naturally protected from degradation in the rumen (bypass proteins) but they are very well digested in the intestines.It is a raw material that is particularly recommended to supply the additional protein needs of high-producing dairy cows and to improve the protein content of milk.

Poultry Feed

Corn gluten meal is a protein concentrate rich in sulfur amino acids with excellent amino acid digestibility.Rich in natural pigments it is used to accentuate the pigmentation of the egg yolk and sub-cutaneous fat.Corn gluten is also highly appreciated for its fat content both as an energy source and as an aid to the favorable absorption of pigments.


Its low potassium content is far less than that of most equivalent ingredients. This is a key advantage when it comes to avoiding problems of wet litter and dirty eggs.The natural non-genetically modified origin of EVEREST corn gluten is particularly appreciated in the production of eggs and broilers under official quality certification.

Piglet Feed

Corn gluten is appreciated in piglet feed for its high digestibility and the absence of anti-nutritional factors.Its amino acid profile is complementary to that of other protein sources traditionally used in piglet feed such as corn protein.

Pet Food

Corn gluten provides a reliable consistent protein intake suited to the manufacture of extruded feed for pets:


High protein content: 60%. Good digestibility of the protein and amino acids.It contributes to the coloration of dry foods due to its high content in yellow-orange pigments.Its low ash content and high protein digestibility make it an ingredient that is particularly appreciated in dry food for cats.

Fish Feed / Aqua Feed

In fish feed, corn gluten is highly regarded for its high protein digestibility and its low ash content.It is a substitute for fishmeal and is well suited for the manufacture of extruded feed.

Corn Gluten
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